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Z-Racing Suit - Blue

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Blue Z-Racing Kart Suit Double Layer Racing Suit
- Light weight cool suit with military grade cordura offering high resistance to abrasion
- Outer layer Made of high quality 100% Nylon cordura fabric Abrasion Resistant
- Inner layer towel (100% cotton) to ensure maximum comfort & hygienic conditions
- Manufactured according to the CIK-FIA level 1 approved Standard
- Pre-shaped loose fit which is loose enough to be worn over casual clothing or Cool Max undergarments.
- Adjustable neck, one-size-fits-all elastic ankels and wrist cuffs, adjustable
- Velcro waistband strap, elastic stretch panels under arms for 360 movement
- Inner layer 100% Mesh and Polyester cotton fabric
- Floating sleeves for more comfort
- Two way Heavy duty zip at front closer
- Adjustable waist belt with stretch at back

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