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Legend 100 Low Leaded Racing Fuel - 5 gal

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Legend 100 Low Leaded Racing Fuel - 5 gal

This is a great replacement for aviation gas and being a low lead gas it is great for engines requiring a lower octane rating.Using today's technology you can expect excellent throttle response and horse power.

Shipping Costs
There are new fees added because race fuels are rated as Haz Mat. All race fuels have this added fee. The 5 Gallon container weights almost 35lbs, adding to shipping costs. Local zoning laws are a problem for storefront sales.  The only solution is to buy online.
If you buy in bulk, we can use a direct shipper with out all the added fee. If you place a order for a single fuel for over $3000.00 you will get free shipping. 
If properly stored the shelf life of MACH 100 is 2 years.


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