Your kids are playing racing video games day and night. They are driving you crazy.  They are obsessed with racing games. What can you do to get them motivated to get out of the house? 
This problem is easily solved. Bring your kids to the local kart track and watch their little faces come to life. They are playing race games so you know they like racing. Let them wander around the pits and talk to the young kart racers at the track. Before you know it you will have them interested in real racing, Kart racing will become a big part of their world.if you decide to take on the challenge. Believe me its worth it. You are out at the track as a family, enjoying the day of racing. Kart racing is a great way to bring your family together.
Now comes the fun have to gets a couple of karts for your boy's let us say. Best thing to do is to go around the track and see what is being used at the race track for the race class your boys are in. First and foremost you want to get similar karts at the same speed and handling. If you get a kart too slow you will lose most races and that's no fun. If you get a kart that is too fast, they will win every race with an unfair advantage. You want them to learn how to race, not just pull away. Plus if you need parts you may get lucky from another family racing at the track. Figure out a kart that is best for your boys. Best thing to do is buy a used kart for your first kart. Step up a trailer with tools and don't forget racing fuel and racing oil. Your kids have a lot to learn, so wait until they start to put in good solid lap times.
In time your kids will be much happier and have something to look forward to every weekend. Plus they are learning discipline and hard work to pay off all the while they are having fun.